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Introducing today's #ForteFemale the talented Co-Founder of EQUI London and Nutritional Therapist, Alice Mackintosh. A leading London nutritionist and best-selling author of The Happy Kitchen, Alice is a self-proclaimed science geek. She studied for 7 years to obtain degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Nutritional Therapy and runs her practice in Chelsea, London. Alice is a mother of two young children and juggles her daily patients with running EQUI.

Where are you dreaming of travelling to? 

So many places, but at the top of the list currently is a ski resort – preferably Zermatt, which is one of my favourite places on Earth. Second to that is probably Ibiza, for a long beach lunch, cocktails and dancing.

What is the first restaurant you will head to post lockdown 3.0?

Having been locked away for so long this will definitely be somewhere that has a party vibe, in town and that makes food that I can’t cook... it would probably have to be Gloria’s or Bocca Di Lupo

What is your favourite spa or wellness space you are missing?

I don’t tend to get to spas in London very often but having been locked up for so long I am dying for a great massage and acupuncture session to help relieve my back and shoulders. I have really noticed that being stuck at home, along with carrying my heavy toddler has taken its toll on my back!

What is the first beauty treatment you will have post lockdown 3.0?

A wax and a mani pedi!

What helps you get to sleep if you are wired but tired? 

An Epsom salt bath, meditation and yin yoga are my go-to’s when I’m feeling stressed, I find doing these make such a difference to my sleep. I also love our Equi London Original Formula as the magnesium, B6 and Siberian Ginseng help take the edge off and keep me feeling zen.

What is your skincare regime (morning and evening)?

I use a light cleanser in the mornings, following by Azelaic acid for my pigmentation. Then I use a great moisturiser - currently, that’s the Irene Forte Aloe Vera Face Cream or Decree Skincare Emolient Veil. On top of that, I use the Irene Forte SPF which is the best facial SPF I’ve ever come across (and it’s without parabens or colourants). In the evening it’s a heavier cleanser to remove make up and dirt, and then a Vitamin A serum, hyaluronic acid and a moisturiser. I try to use eye cream but usually forget. 

What is your go-to diet for great skin?

Healthy fats, protein, colourful veggies and fruit rich in antioxidants as well as bone broth, and amazingly, chicken liver, which is rich in choline for cell membrane health. I also try to use plenty of colourful spices, fermented foods and smoothies with added Equi London Beauty Formula which contains everything from collagen to resveratrol, Schisandra and acerola cherry, as well as probiotics and a targeted multi-vitamin for skin. I religiously take this and our Equi London Beauty Oil Edition if my skin needs a pep me up!

What Equi supplements would you recommend for our readers stuck at home?

The beautiful thing about our products is that owing to the fact they support the whole body so cleverly, no matter what you go for, you tend to feel better in mind and body, as well as seeing improvements to the skin. We have a solution for women at every stage of life, from young professionals feeling stressed and exhausted, to menopausal women, someone planning pregnancy, breastfeeding or trying to shift a few pounds. The best way to know what suits you is to head to our find your formula page to figure out what suits you best and go from there.

Do you have one evening or more a week where you spend time masking/pampering? What do you do?

I try to do a face mask once per week and some face yoga if I have time – normally this is in the bath. I might also try to use a gentle acid mask depending on what my skin is doing.

Any skincare advice for our readers?

Don’t just think about what you put on your skin, think about what goes into your body, and make sure you supplement intelligently. This is why we created Equi. I also think it’s important to get advice based on your skin type and remember that nutrition counts here too, especially for skin concerns. Speaking to a nutritional therapist can make all the difference! Another important thing I tell my clients is to get advice based on your skin type and remember from an expert dermatologist. I used peels, needling and micro-dermabrasion at one stage but it turns out none of those things really suit my rosacea-prone skin.

What's your favourite:


The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

Skincare Product: 

Irene Forte Aloe Vera Face Cream is a current favourite.


Equi London Beauty Formula.

Breakfast Recipe:

A smoothie with berries, pomegranate, green banana (prebiotics), organic kale, flaxseed, raw cacao and almond milk. I also use a protein powder from Purition to sweeten this and chase it with the Equi London Beauty Formula or Original Formula depending on what I need that day.


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