In Conversation With Fabio Stringhini - 50ML


A selection of some of our favourite products has just launched with 50ml, a boutique based in Milan. 50 ml is a place created specifically for all beauty enthusiasts who consider quality to be of utmost importance and who aim to discover amazing new products. In celebration of our arrival, here's a short Q&A with the forward-thinking and adventurous founder of the brand, Fabio Stringhini.

Why and when did you start 50ML? 

I started a previous version of 50ml back in 2013 called Time For Your Skin. I was living and working in South East Asia and the goal was to bring high-quality European skincare products to developing countries. It didn't work out, mostly due to the old mindset of the European producers. As a result, I was left with a platform and no products, so instead of looking for a new job, I started going from door to door looking for Italian beauty suppliers. We opened our first boutique in 2017 and called it 50 ml. Although the business model has changed many times the idea behind it has always been the same; research and supply the best niche products and make them available to a growing community. 

What have your biggest challenges been? 

The first challenge was to be accepted by the suppliers in the industry and to be honest, we had to open a boutique to be accepted. The current crisis has changed the market a lot. Suppliers are entering into competition with retailers that are all  interested in the niche market.

Why did you choose Irene Forte Skincare? 

Irene Forte Skincare is a young, luxurious and clean skincare brand- these are our  core focuses for 2021. We also love it because it's Italian too!

How do you go about choosing your skincare brands? 

We follow all international trends, try products, and make sure that the strategic positioning of the brand is in line with ours. 

What have you got in store for 2021? 

We're launching a new website, opening new offices and a new warehouse. We also hope to open a new boutique. 

What does the future of skincare look like? 

I hope it will be full of more small independent brands. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I should have been braver and scale up the brand earlier.