#ThursdayTip - Taking care of your skin while wearing a mask!

We all know that wearing a mask is vital in the current climate, but this has also caused a few skin problems... dryness, irritation, inflammation, breakouts and congestion. Here we've listed our top tips for keeping your skin healthy and hopefully maskne free!

First things first, wear a clean mask each day! Your face mask carries all the dirt you collect with you throughout the day therefore, do this to avoid dirty bacteria and germs clogging up your skin.

1. Cleanse

We all know that regular cleansing morning and evening is essential to keep your skin clean by removing make-up, impurities, dirt, dead skin cells and excess oils. We have a choice of two cleansers which are perfect to keep your skin hydrated, purified, nourished and refreshed. 

Top Tip: Double cleanse for even cleaner skin!

2. Tone

Toner works in tandem with your cleanser and is designed to remove any dirt left behind after the first step (amongst a few other things). Our Lemon Toner is the perfect toner to keep your skin hydrated and bright. 

Top Tip: Pitter-patter the toner over your face with your fingertips to boost circulation.

3. Serum it up

Face serums are super concentrated, lightweight moisturisers with small molecules that penetrate deep into the skin, delivering key active ingredients and hydration. Our Hibiscus Serum does just that and much more... 

Top Tip: For an extra hydration boost add one of our Hyaluronic Acid Vials to our Hibiscus Serum.

4. Lock it down all day

Moisturising is key to any skincare routine. Our Aloe Vera Face Cream is the perfect day cream to protect the skin and fight dryness and dehydration caused by your face mask.

Top Tip: Add a few drops of oil to the cream for added richness.

5. Lather the lips

We’ve all been feeling the effect of dry and irritated lips. Our Pistachio Lip Balm is the perfect hydrating lip balm. Plus it’s the perfect size to fit in your pocket and keep you hydrated all day long.

Top Tip: Use the lip balm on any other areas that are in need of hydration.

Deepen the cleanse

To keep your skin extra purified and bright use our Apricot Face Peel (an exfoliating scrub mask) 1-3 times a week.

Top Tip: Use an Ultrasonic Spatula to take off the peel for extra clarity and refined skin.

... and how about a purifying mask too?

Our Lavender & Rosemary Face Mask contains Azelaic and Tartaric Acid, as well as an Italian Plant Acid Complex for a brighter complexion and more even skin tone.

Top Tip: Use after the Apricot Face Peel.