In Conversation With Dr Jess Srivastava

Shortly after qualifying as a dentist, Dr Jess Srivastava completed courses in advanced non-surgical treatments and medical-grade skincare. Understanding the importance of further education, Dr Jess achieved her post-graduate certificate, diploma and masters. The latter focused on injectable treatments. Four years later, after discovering her passion for facial aesthetics and teaching, Dr Jess left dentistry to lecture and train other medical professionals in aesthetic medicine. She also grew her own business, Dr Jess Aesthetics, to where it is today.
She splits her time between being a clinical mentor at the UK’s leading training academy, Harley Academy, and working in her clinic situated between Belsize Park and Primrose Hill. Dr Jess specialises in advanced injectable treatments, full face ‘tweakments’ and her signature lip augmentation – Lips by Dr Jess.  Dr Jess is devoted to achieving beautiful, natural outcomes by ensuring each client’s aesthetic journey is completely bespoke. 

What do you enjoy most about being a cosmetic doctor? 

I adore the variety of clients that I see and get to know. There is nothing better than helping someone to feel more confident within themselves and aesthetics provides me with a wonderful avenue to achieve that. I love that I have been able to put my own stamp on facial aesthetics in a very natural and subtle way that is bespoke to each one of my clients.

When would you recommend aesthetic fillers to a patient?

This isn't a one size fits all approach and is hugely dependent on the individual. First and foremost, I would never personally treat anyone younger than 21 years old. There are two main types of filler rejuvenation - beautification of a younger patient (wishing to have, for example, more volume in the lips, cheeks, chin, etc.) or restoration of an older patient, who has experienced volume loss due to the ageing process. Both of these situations provide an indication of how to treat but, nevertheless, each requires the correct analysis of each individual client.

What is the most common skin concern you've come across as a cosmetic doctor and how do you treat it?

Acne and pigmentation are without a doubt the most common skincare concerns that I see in clinic. I would always advise seeking the help of a medical professional before giving out specific advice. However, there are a few ingredients that I always opt for, providing the patient's medical history allows. These include salicylic acid products for acne and hydroquinone for pigmentation. I prescribe both of these in my clinic along with numerous other essential products and procedures, such as chemical peels and microneedling.

What advice would you give to our readers that struggle with ‘maskne’?

- Change your mask daily or ideally every half a day;

- Double cleanse, especially after a day of mask wearing;

- Don't wear makeup under your mask;

- Ensure your skin is hydrated with a light moisturiser rather than anything thick or oily.

What is the most important product you use in your skincare regime?

For everyone, I think SPF should be one of the most important products we use every single day. It's the biggest fighter against ageing and burning (and therefore, skin cancer). 

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

I'm not hugely into beauty treatments believe it or not! My only maintenance is my HD brow treatment, which I get done every three months to allow for sufficient growth in between. For my skin, it has to be a combination of chemical peels and microneedling, 2-3 times a year.

What skincare advice would you give to our readers?

Don't take skincare advice from influencers/bloggers! Always seek the help of a qualified medical professional who will take the time to do a thorough consultation with you and create a bespoke regime specific to your skin, medical health and lifestyle.

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