Watch Now: Irene Introduces The Essenziali Rigeneranti Kit

Irene Forte demonstrates the products in our latest kit: The Essenziali Rigeneranti kit which is available now.

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So this is our essentials kit and it has products from our regenerating routine.
Our Forte Rigenerante Routine, which is also our anti-ageing routine. And so I am going to take the lovely Rachel through this routine and the products in here.
So let's go through the products first. It's also worth noting all of these products have been clinically approved for sensitive skin.
And so this Almond Cleansing Milk is very gentle, very hydrating and nourishing on the skin. It contains lots of great ingredients: Omega-Rich Oils (3, 6, 9), Aloe Leaf Juice, Wild Rose Oil, and much more.
So I'm going to let you apply this.
With cleansers, I like to do a bit of a face massage. Always apply it first with effleurage movements and then really kind of massage around the décolleté area; and then work up the face. Rachel's a pro, as you can see.
Perfect. And now we're going to wash that off with some warm water.
So next up, we have our Helichrysum Toner which is great because it's a super hydrating toner. It's got Hyaluronic Acid in it and White Wine, which is a great antioxidant. The White Wine comes from a vineyard near where our farm is based.
And this has a little spritz so you can close your eyes and spritz it over your face. And then I like to pitter patter my face with my fingertips when I use it just to boost circulation.
It smells amazing.
So next up we have our Pistachio Face Mask and this face mask has been one of our most popular products. It has won a number of awards. It's clinically proven to hydrate the skin for over 12 hours after one application. Lots of Omega-Rich Oils in there. We've also got a Multi-Vitamin supplement in there. We use a lot of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to really soothe and hydrate skin.
So I'll let you apply that; and it's cream-based as you can see. And it's great because you can also leave it on overnight and let it absorb. And what I do with cream-based masks is I leave them on for five minutes if I'm going to wash them off and then I will just massage in any excess before washing it off so as not to waste any product.
Perfect. So we'll leave that to sit for five minutes and then we'll massage it in and wash it off.
Now, the last three products in this kit are our top selling products. And these three products have Myoxinol™ in them. This is a great ingredient that comes from Hibiscus Seed Peptides. And effectively, it has been dubbed the Botox plant for its ability to kind of freeze lines and act like Botox.
So these three products together, the Hibiscus Serum, the Prickly Pear Face Cream and the Hibiscus Night Cream, are clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth, to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.
So these are our star anti-ageing products and given it's the day, we're going to go with the Hibiscus Serum first and then the Prickly Pear Face Cream and will let you save the Hibiscus Night Cream for another time.
So here's our serum. Other than Myoxinol™ in there, it has Multi-Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, very important to hydrate the skin. There's also a Tetra-Ceramide complex in there. So four different Ceramides that we naturally have in our skin and they reduce as we age, important to protect and hydrate the skin. And with this serum, I like to apply it and then kind of pat the face afterwards just to let it absorb.
And then next up is the Prickly Pear Face Cream which, as I said, has that Myoxinol™ in it. It also has Prickly Pear Polysaccharides. Now Sicily is full of prickly pear and it is known to act in the same way as Hyaluronic Acid, so like a sponge. It is an important ingredient to hydrate the skin. Of course, there's Hyaluronic Acid in there and lots of Omega-Rich Oils too. A little goes a long way with the products generally.
How's it feeling?
It feels amazing.
Looks great. Glowing. So there's our essential kit and the products within it.