In Conversation with Priscilla van Dongen - FØRENA Spa

This Spring bought the launch of our products to the beautifully serene FØRENA Spa, found in Druten, Netherlands. With the philosophy that life is beautiful yet short, FØRENA Spa strives to bring wellness to both the body and mind by bringing us back to ourselves. We spoke with the founder Priscilla van Dongen, who gave us an insight on how she approaches this concept through FØRENA's luxurious facilities, as well as her connection with Irene Forte Skincare!

What is the idea behind the FØRENA spa?

In our daily lives, people experience a lot of pressure from time schedules, to do’s and all kinds of technical devices. We tend to lose ourselves and thereby, miss the benefits of being on your own without all these strings. At the FØRENA Spa, we offer people pure attention to their personal needs, both physically and mentally, by providing water therapy, and other kinds of relaxing and nurturing sources. We offer facilities and treatments that stimulate people’s self-healing ability and enhance their authentic life energy. We provide real attention in a private, luxurious atmosphere. We call it 'the force of natural luxury'.

What have your biggest challenges been?

By starting FØRENA, I entered a whole new world. Coming from the financial scene, I stepped into a totally different way of life. So I had to find my path to new knowledge and experience. Also, building a network of people in this business was quite a challenge. It took time, research and a lot of effort.

Why did you choose Irene Forte Skincare?

We have the same ethos. We share the vision of what the world needs right now and what people really need. Irene Forte also works from a holistic approach, built on the power of nature and science. I believe that’s the only way to really make a difference in human well-being.

How do you go about choosing your skincare brands at the spa?

Right now, I exclusively choose Irene Forte Skincare. I prefer quality over quantity. And this brand totally supports my vision on well-being.

What treatments do you offer?

I offer Irene Forte facials, body treatments and rituals. In the online shop, people can order most of the IF products. I really hope to inspire and empower the Netherlands by offering this beautiful brand.

What have you got in store for 2021?

This will be the year of my launch in The Netherlands and that’s quite exciting! It will be the birth of a whole new concept in this country. Hopefully, people will discover and embrace it en masse, so we can build more FØRENA locations in the future.

What does the future of the spa world look like?

I truly believe that there will be more attention on preventive wellness. I foresee an increasing human need to disconnect from all social and technical pressure. More people will allow themselves to benefit from the purity and natural power within a holistic approach. There will always be room for luxury, especially when it enforces personal well-being. Innovations that combine those factors will stay in the scope of wellness lovers and will also attract the people that actively want to invest in their health.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to fail. You can only learn and grow from mistakes, so it’s a safe bet. Just stay true to yourself and listen to your heart.